Past Recipients

Alessandra Tropeano

General Manager CIBPA Association +

 CIBPA Foundation

Bursary Recipient  2008 + 2009

"It was a privilege to receive a CIBPA Foundation bursary. It truly makes you feel connected to your Italian roots & the community. I want to make sure this tradition lives on for future generations."

Adam Martelli, ing/Eng.

Director, Residential Real Estate Development Broccolini

Bursary Recipient  2011

“I am proud to have been a past recipient of a meritorious bursary from the CIBPA foundation.  Not only did it give me the opportunity to free up some of my tuition obligations while studying in University, it also allowed me to make meaningful connections that helped open doors to my first full-time job.  Today, as a young professional and a leader in my field, it is with the greatest pleasure that I donate and give back to this wonderful organization, whose distinguished members do great work to support an educated and solid succession of future business leaders in the Canadian-Italian Community.”

Vanessa Grimaldi

Founder of No Better You

Bursary Recipient

"I wanted to say thank you to the CIBPA Foundation. I was a former recipient back when I was studying in University. Thank you for believing in me and supporting my education."

Diana Leopardi, LL.B.

Trust Officer, ScotiaBank

Bursary Recipient  2006,2007 & 2008

"As a past recipient and current donor, the CIBPA Foundation allowed me to pursue a higher education. The bursary provided financial assistance that enabled me to enrich my studies."


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