The CIBPA’s bursary program started on May 13th, 1958. At the time, the committee was presided over by Me Raphaël Esposito and made up of the following members: Dr. Antonio Binda, Antonio Capobianco, Patsy Colangelo, Alfredo Gagliardi, Jos. A. Garofalo, Dominic Padulo, Dr. Victor Panaccio, Louis Tondi and Martin Tucci.

“ if you can dream it, you can do it”
Enzo Ferrari

During a general assembly, held in August of 1959, Alfredo Gagliardi was given consent to create a trust fund (CIBPA’s Benefactors’ Fund) to help students receive bursaries.

In 1961, the CIBPA’s Student Bursary Program awarded its first bursaries to young university students of Italian origin. On this occasion, 4 bursaries were granted, totalling $ 1,000.


3.5M$ distributed 

Thousands of bursaries given

to support

Canadian-Italian students

One of the largest privately funded bursary foundations in Canada

Over half a century

of tradition

Together, these distinguished business men worked with the community to ensure a supported, educated and solid succession, which would in turn, could face and take on new challenges in the emerging business world, while contributing to the Quebec society and the
Canadian-Italian community.

In 1986, this trust fund was turned into a charitable foundation in order to ensure this

initiative’s continuance.

The CIBPA Foundation is celebrating 58 years.


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