As a multidisciplinary designer, Sabrina Micozzi is always eager in expanding her knowledge within the field of Design. Fascinated with developing innovative design strategies, and discovering different ways in enhancing individual’s experiences. 


Holding a background in Marketing and Graphic Design, she is currently obtaining a Major in Design at Concordia University. She also has her own Freelance Graphic Design business called ‘Senti Menti Designs’.


“As I am presently studying in University and obtaining a Major in Design, it has taught me to keep an open-mind and branch out into different types of design by exploring what else is out there. I like getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, learning new softwares, developing hands-on skills, and collaborating with other designers. I always want to push myself, set personal goals, and always have a vision in mind. Great things come from getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do.”



Her main interests revolve around branding, fashion design, typography, page layout, interactive installations, public spaces, lighting design, and product design. 

“I think it's important to set yourself goals everyday, whether it’s short term or long term. Write it down somewhere where you can always look at it, and work on it till it’s done. Always strive for improving yourself, and you’ll come a long way from where you started. If people tell you that you can’t do it, or that your dreams are “too big”, don’t listen to them. Keep that vision and mindset you have in your head, and keep working hard at it.”


“I want to change the way people think of ‘design’, improve people’s experiences through various mediums, and have my work displayed in public spaces. One of my biggest dreams is for my work to be exposed in NYC, and to be well-known in the design industry. Since I was young, I have always envisioned myself living in New York City one day, and that dream never seemed to change.” 

She is truly excited to be a part of the CIBPA Foundation’s team, and re-branding their visual identity. ‘The CIBPA Foundation’s history is so important to our community, and I am truly honoured to be taking the step to emphasize it through design. I am excited for the future endeavours with the CIBPA Foundation, and creating awareness to students through different types of platforms.’



8370 boulevard Lacordaire

Montréal (Québec) H1R 3Y6




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