Background in Law and Human Resources, fell into the tech industry by coincidence, she has now been integral to the success of a handful of technology companies. Currently COO of Ready Makers INC - the creators of The Ready Games App and the Ready Games Studio.

Ready has an in-house game studio which enables The Ready Games app to launch three competitive new games each week. Because of their proprietary technology, Ready can essentially create games in real-time, and are able to embody a Saturday Night Live approach to game development, publishing games that tie into current events like NASA’s Opportunity rover, Kanye West’s and President Donald Trump’s tweets, Sea pollution and Brexit - raising awareness to political and current situations through mobile gaming.

The Ready Games powered by Ready Maker game development technology has become one of the most prolific mobile developers in the App Store, creating over 200+ mobile games,  catering to the rapidly growing audience of female gamers. Ready believes they can grow a global community of people playing competitive hyper-casual games. Introducing eSports to the everyday person. The Ready Games is available for free on iOS and Android in the USA and Canada.

"It is an honour to have a part in modernizing the CIBPA Foundation and making it main stream. Its history is so rich that it is integral more people are made aware of it. I hope to introduce this amazing cause to new corporate sponsors, community and political leaders. Most importantly, I want to reach as many students I can that have an ambition to reach for their dreams - be it to the university student studying to be a teacher, to the mechanic student learning how to start his own business, to the entrepreneurial student creating their first app. We should be supporting our communities' brightest, so that in turn they will help support generations to come - and continue the existence of this rich  group of professionals the Canadian-Italian community has."



Centre de Leonardo Da Vinci

Montréal (Québec)




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